Divine date prep


Are there butterflies in your stomach? Feel a cold sweat coming on? First date nerves are a fact of life but a few pre date rituals can work wonders. In fact, getting ready to meet someone new is quite exciting – and an excellent excuse to indulge in a few guilty pleasures. From ensuring you look fabulous to finding out more about your blind date, there are loads of ways to make the day before the romantic meal much more enjoyable. 

First date nerves can strike even the most confident singletons. Whether you briefly met them before at a bar or on eHarmony (www.eharmony.co.uk), a bit of anxiety is to be expected. However, there’s enjoyment to be found in getting ready to meet someone new. Maybe it’s excitement sparked off by a release adrenaline, but preparing for a date can be fun. Do you enjoy getting ready for dates? Read on to see if you recognise any of the following guilty pleasures.

Buying a new outfit

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First impressions are everything – what better excuse to go shopping for some fab new clothes than a first date? The last thing you want to do is turn up at the restaurant in a tatty old t-shirt. Well, that’s what you tell yourself anyway. Ten shopping bags might be excessive but you’ll have at least one outfit in there that’ll dazzle the socks off your new love interest.

Playing detective

Blind dates are fraught with fear of the unknown. It could be your soul mate waiting with some roses but more than likely it’s your best mate’s cousin’s geeky flat mate. Part of the fun of dating is doing some sneaky research beforehand. Facebook has its limits though so try dating in the UK with eHarmony. Online profiles have all the info you need plus chemistry is pretty muchguaranteed with a compatible match. 

Trip to the spa


First dates are stressful so now is the perfect time to pay your local spa a visit. Amidst the aromatic oils and ambient music, any nerves are eased away by the skilled masseuse. Why not make the most of the experience by booking a facial? After all, you need to look your best when the big night rolls around. 

A new hairdo 


You’ve got the clothes – now it’s time to transform into a head-to-toe glamourpuss. Regular trims are needed to keep hair looking healthy but now is not the time for the usual cut and dry. Date prep is totally different from your daily routine so a new do is on the cards. Prove blondes have more fun with a radical colour change or switch from polka-straight locks to bouncy curls.

Need more help getting into the perfect mood for your big date? Find inspiration and top dating tips on eHarmony UK’s Twitter page.



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