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Best London Bakeries

Finding your favourite bakery takes time and tasting. London offers a huge variety of bakeries, offering freshly baked pastries, cakes, cookies, doughnuts, muffins, bread, biscuits and more. Discover and indulge in some of the sweetest treats at London’s best bakeries.

Almost everyone enjoys visiting a bakery. The waft of fresh bread, the careful display of sticky pastries and colourful cupcakes entice you further in to the world of sumptuous baked goods. Whether you’re just popping in for a light lunch with friends, grabbing a sandwich to take away, or choosing the perfect cake for a special occasion, the bakery is an irresistible stop for all.

 Types of bakeries in London

You’ll find a range of different bakeries in London, all with their unique recipes and techniques. French, Italian and English bakeries are famous throughout the world.


French bakeries 

France is famous for its baking genius throughout the world. You’ll find pâtisserieslocated in metropolitan cities, from London and San Francisco to Buenos Aires and Tokyo. French bakeries are only allowed to use the term pâtisserie if a licensed maître pâtissier or master pastry chef, is employed. French bakery influence continues to offer quality breads, cakes and desserts that look and taste beautifully crafted. Whether it’s a French sour dough baguette, buttery croissant, petits gateaux, truffles or pain au chocolat – enjoy the delicious baked goods as they melt in your mouth.


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Italian bakeries 

Italy is well known for its hearty gastronomy. Italian Cuisine is enjoyed throughout the world, from antipasti, pizza and pasta. Italian bakeries are no exception. You’ll enjoy a range of flavoursome breads, cakes and gelato. Enjoy savoury breads such as the ciabatta, focaccia, rosetta with your meals, and sweet, fruity loafs of panettone for festive occasions. Italian tradition enjoys biscotti with a strong Italian coffee, or a soft and silky Tiramisu for dessert.


English bakeries 

Enjoy a taste of traditional English baking and head to an English bakery in London. If you have a sweet tooth you’ll enjoy fresh cream cakes, Victoria sponges, custard tarts, Eccles cakes, Bakewell tarts, rock cakes, mince pies and scones. If you’re in need of a savoury snack, you can find pastries, pork pies, quiches, sandwiches and crumpets.


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What’s your bakery style?

Whether you’re on the move or in need of a break from the hustle and bustle, the best London bakeries will be just around the corner.


To take away

London is a place on the move 24/7, so grabbing a quick snack is essential to sustain your energy. Popping in to a bakery in London is a great alternative to fast food. Freshly baked savoury or sweet goods will ensure your hunger and sweet tooth is satisfied. For foreign language students studying French courses London is a place where you can enjoy a taste of Paris at the pâtisseries.


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To eat in 

Many bakeries feature a cafe, where you can enjoy your chosen baked treats and a cup of tea with friends, family and business partners. For international students attending English school London is a great place to find a bakery with a cafe where you can enjoy a lunch between classes.

Top bakeries in London 

·         Bagatelle Boutique London (Italian)

·         Hummingbird Bakeries (English)

·         Rinkoff Bakeries (English)

·         Exeter Street Bakery (Italian)

·         Maison Blanc (French)

·         The Celtic Bakers (perfect for vegans and those with allergies)

·         Born and Bread Organic Bakery

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