A Sweet Treat

So, you’re all grown up now. You walk in to the shop to get a loaf of bread, go to the counter and then leave. Seems like what I’d normally do.

But what happened to the days as a child where you’d go to the shop and be amazed by all of the sweets they have; all the different colourful packets would catch your eye and you’d be stuck for choice!

Well who said grown-ups don’t like sweets? Sure, you’re more aware of looking after your precious teeth, but that doesn’t mean that every once in a while you could have a sweetie or two.

Although a lot of people would disagree, I absolutely adore Wine Gums. I could go through a whole packet rather quickly (if nobody was looking)!

So what’s your favourite sweet? I know you’ve got one. Bring out the child in you and enjoy that mouth-watering moment every now and then.. Just remember to brush your teeth!


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Luxury Chocolate in Brighton

Chocolate is by far one of the guiltiest of pleasures we all face so last weekend we couldn’t help but feeling the luckiest people on the planet after bumping into a fabulous shop: Choccywoccydoodah in Brighton (United Kingdom).

This is what we call pure chocolate art!